27 February 2015

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Upcoming: 12thEUCHIS/13thICCC conference 2015

Notice: The deadline for the submission of applications for the Braconnot prize is the 30th April 2015

What is chitin?

Chitin is a polysaccharide found in the outer skeleton of insects, crabs, shrimps, and lobsters and in the internal structures of other invertebrates. Chitin is composed of ß(1-4) linked units of the amino sugar N-acetyl-glucosamine, and is the main source of production of chitosan, which is used in a number of applications, such as a flocculating agent, a wound healing agent, a sizing and strengthening agent for paper, and a delivery vehicle for pharmaceuticals and genes.

What is EUCHIS?

The European Chitin Society (EUCHIS) is a non-profit organisation which objectives are to:

  • Encourage basic and applied scientific studies of all aspects of chitin, including chitosan and derivatives of chitin and chitosan, and related enzymes,

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